On the occasion of the event organized by DB Information “CarCarrozzeria Summit 2023” scheduled for November 22nd in Rome, the new partnership between Solera and TiAssisto24 is officially presented, which signs a strategic product alliance between the two companies in Italy.

Solera’s Shop Manager management software will be connected to the TiAssisto24 booking systems to support repairers in managing the agenda shared with their clients, reduce the manual effort associated with appointment management activities and improve the management of non-productive activities.

Both companies are positioning themselves on the market with a strategy focused on the digitalisation of the repair supply chain and the connection of their respective software strengthens and simplifies a product offering in line with the aim of rationalizing processes, improving communication between all actors and placing the customer’s needs at the center.

For more information on SOLERA and Shop Manager: click here https://soleraitalia.it/shop-manager/

For more information on TiAssisto24 and digital services: click here https://landing.tiassisto24.it/car-service/