The web service is powered Kromeda_WS RESTful and returns results in JSON format ..
A RESTful Web Service is the custodian of a collection of resources on which a client can ask the canonical operations of HTTPS
The bank data Kromeda is the ‘ cornerstone upon which the WS_Kromeda


  • allow interoperability between different software applications on different hardware platforms
  • using standards and protocols “open ” ; protocols and data format is , where possible , in text format , making them easier to understand and use by developers
  • through the use of HTTPS to transport messages , Web services usually do not require changes to the security rules used as a filter on the firewall
  • They can easily be used , in combination with one another ( regardless of who provides them and where they are made ​​available ) to form services “integrated” and complex
  • allow reuse of infrastructure and applications already developed and are ( relatively ) independent of any changes to these

Methods for WS_Kromeda

  • LOGIN (Methods of access to the web service .)
  • CARPARK (Methods of access to information of the vehicles .)
  • OE DATABASE(Methods of retrieving information related to the codes of the original car manufacturers .)
  • GFX DATABASE (Methods module support interactive graphics – Kromeda_GFX)
  • PRICE LISTS (Methods of retrieving information related to any code in this list .)
  • CROSS REFERENCE (Methods of information retrieval of interweaving reference OE->IAM / IAM -> OE.)
  • REPLACEMENTS (As a means to discover the new and old code to retrieve the story of a new code .)
  • DOWNLOAD PRICE LISTS AFTERMARKET ( Method and parameters for download in .csv format ( uncompressed ) price lists of Aftermarket Prices . The Download Prices lists of OE Is Not Allowed.)