Autosoft Insurance Platform realize the maximum optimization of communication flows between the insurance company and external collaborators, improving the quality of work, enhancing the control to achieve company objectives.


Targeted and easy to use interface, serving a platform able to support any functional request.


The statistical indicators provide evidence of the performance of the assessment / settlement network for a precise evaluation of the performance of employees.


Supply of IVASS databases


Accidents and Tax Registry.

assessments car platform

  • Acquisition of assignments via download from the portal or via email, with the generation of the status of “taking charge”

  • Communications management (rejection, cancellations, interlocutory)

  •  Management of outcomes and reminders with receipt of real time notification of expert re-entries
  • Benchmark and evaluation, with tables and graphs for the control of pre-established company objectives and the systematic assessment of the performance of the trust and settlement network

  • Elaborated analysis, for verification and comparison with the specifications dictated by the company
  • Document management

  • Plots / invoices

assessments medical platform

  • Expert management completely online

  • View of the Auto assessment and related photographic documentation to obtain maximum visibility and connection of the case

  • Input functions with preconfigured and coded tables

  • Assessment report with several calculation tables selectable by choice (ANIA, INAIL, etc.)

  • Anamnesis function (remote and next)

  • Judgment on the link of the case

  • Medical evaluation examination presented
  • Examination evaluation of congruity expenses

  • Document management

  • Plots / invoices

Assessments Elementary Branches platform

  • Online insertion of the percipient summary data, settlement procedures, attribution of amounts to damage items

  • Document management
  • Plots / invoices

  • Specific sections for conducted water, electric phenomenon, etc.

  • Statistics


Assignments management

Reconstruction status places



Document management

Plots / invoices


assessment legal platform

Legal agenda

Control of fees and duties based on parameters and custom rules

Forensic fee


Document management

Plots / invoices

Injury damage platform

  • Calculation of biological, patrimonial and non-pecuniary damage with evidence on the same page of the evaluation of the trustee, CTP and liquidator
  • Medical expenses, future expenses and other damage items
  • Revaluation / devaluation based on ISTAT indices
  • Advance management
  • Integration with the medical portal for content acquisition
  • Court tables

 Assessment Nautical Platform

General data

Engine data

Data sails

Administrative data

Place claim occurrence

Place mooring / storage